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Our photography is emotional, romantic and pursues elegance and a connection to our subject through beautiful light and stunning imagery. Our imagery captures a harmony of raw emotion, authentic evanescent moments, and curated artistry.

We believe imagery should be timeless and the stories should be passed on from generation to generation. We deliver our images in hand-crafted heirloom albums so that one day when your daughter or son is getting married, he/she can see that the promise of love they are ready to give, has a strong legacy in the love you promised one another. So she/he can                            your story through the tears, the laughter, the nerves and  recognize themselves in you and know that he/she is entering a strong tradition of love and family. But most importantly, so he/she can see that the rumors ARE true, you DID break it down on the dance floor once too ;) 

So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS from us to you! If our philosophy speaks to you, if our imagery inspires you, please reach out to us.  Where ever your journey takes you, we would love to be on Team (insert weddinghashtag)  to tell your story!  One day, we hope we will get your reaction on our site too , for now cheers to you and your love for one another!

 B&Pedro here!  We photograph                                          in  the Bay Area CA , Boston, all over Northern Cali ,New England, and around the globe. We  hope that you sit back with your cup of coffee or  glass of wine as we share a glimpse of our story so we don't part as strangers. Better yet, drop us a line, say hi, ask us your burning questions, tell us how you met- let's share a smile. 

You might have wondered about our name  Animus-Art
The words describe so much of how we create art, what we stand for and what we encourage with our photography. Through curious words, we chose to tell our couples: We believe photography is an art experienced through mind and soul; photography should tell a story that creates an emotional connection. Your love story, your vision for your wedding day, all the details.. they reflect your spirit and we seek to tell that story and capture the connection you have with your inner self.  



tales of love. 


An.i.mus \ˈa-nə-məs\ :origin latin - animī, animo . soul, mind, the breath, inner self, spirit,courage 

"I feel like you capured my essence!!! I feel like that is what I look like in life but I don't ever feel like anyone quite captures it including myself. You truly live up to your business name!!! Xooxo 
-Claudia from Style at Work

"Ahhhhh!!! Omg we are like in awe these are beautiful!! Omg I'm crying
 Omg those are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I'm not just saying that I don't know how you guys do that That is just absolutely ridiculous these are breath taking" 
-Deanna upon receiving her wedding images #AnimusArtBride #TalesofLove

“When I was a kid, I once witnessed a pair of my socks go into the washing machine and only one come out. No matter how many complex problems I've solved, that one still baffles me…” - B

3 things that happen while you are…


On your computer
B: Your safest bet would be coffee! Coffee is definitely happening. For Pedro it would his signature drink Pineapple Mojito – I was a skeptic too until I tasted it and it reminded me of the beach- or coffee that is bound to go cold before he gets to finish it. Mine? Never gets cold, I practically inhale it.


B: Candles. I always work in the dark with candles or a desk lamp (if I needed to read).
Pedro: Music. I LOVE music, it fuels so much inspiration!
On that note, one of my favorite things to do is camera in hand, headphones on and spend hours lost in the city. Metaphorically, literally lost would be B. Thank the heavens for cell phones..
B: True story. Direction? What’s that? 

Staying in for the night:

B: Hmmmmm tough one so many choices! I’ll tell you what, you can give me candles and a glass wine on any given day, I’ll appear next to you in my lounge pants, hair up ready to chillax! - I won’t list cheese in there because, well, Pedro will eat it all. Love a good book, music, a movie… did you ask for only one? Oh weeellll…

Pedro: A bag of chips! Rumor has it, a nickname “Chips” is slowly forming  I would say a drink, some Netflix binging, a movie or a videogame night with the boys . Low key..

On a Day off:

Pedro: TRAVELLING! ! Whether it’s a brief road trip, hiking , or hopping on a plane to “a galaxy far, far away..” wait, what? sorry got off track.. I was going say to another country…Discovering is something I love.

B: Travelling is our happy place and the camera is coming with us!



When we were writing our first 'about us ' section on our website, we knew very little of our journey, and the friendships, the kindred spirits that awaited us along the way. We did know however, that we wanted our wedding photography to be the beginning of the story we wanted to tell of our couples. Through our journey as wedding photographers, we have been fortunate to have felt like we were photographing our friends in every wedding and thus have approached it with the same genuine care. Our couples have continued to trust us to tell their story through birth and newborn portraits .(And yes, we may or may not have shed “a few” happy tears along the way. =) We aim to continue this strong tradition of building long term relationships and photographing your ongoing journey as a new family.
Looking through the wedding album of the Mother of the Bride, has and will always be one of our favorite experiences when we meet with our couple. We get to experience a glimpse of their spirit as they re-live their story that otherwise may not have ever seen. We are passionate about continuing this tradition with our couples. We want your children and your loved ones to experience your story, and get to know you through your journey over the years.
We have now had the privilege of photographing the journey of a new family through their engagement, wedding day, maternity, birth and newborn family portraits. We are deeply moved by the details we notice as new experiences mark their journey over the years. We are humbled by the trust this experience of telling one’s story over the years has created between us. We are in awe of the joy our couples bring into our lives. We are forever grateful.


Meet the artists

"B" Erkmen

 I'm "B", yes B for about 15+ years now! I'm a letter! I'm 1/2 of Animus-Art Photography. I am absolutely, fiercely, 100% taken with telling #talesoflove through my artistic expression- photography . I'm forever inspired by movement. I want to create art through you. Why a wedding photographer? honestly? You. My relationship with our clients. Telling your story moves me. 

I studied electrical engineering at MIT, did research in tissue engineering. I once overslept and ran to my probability exam in my pjs with dried up drool and a pillow mark on my face. My TA looked at me and said i could take a make-up, I was in that bad of a shape you guys! I love dancing and I rock the shoulder dance like nobody's business! The one you do when you are dying to dance but you are in public so you break it down with your shoulders. You know what I'm talking about , don't look away! Latest adventure- Argentine Tango. Any Bostonians wanna join me? 
Way to my heart is and has always been through coffee; one of my go-to cocktails is Aviation. It's purple , enough said. I read ALOT. A few years ago, while I was writing a paper I was working long hours and couldn't workout as regularly as I used to, so one day I slipped a disk on my back. I gained quite a bit of weight and I was forever transformed. I now photograph the story of your inner self, how you see yourself. So be vulnerable with me. I've got your back. It's been a rough road getting my fitness back but stick with me y'all. I've got this, you've got this! 
I find romance in capturing and evoking a feeling in photography, am passionate about being curious, love the creative process of problem solving, am attracted to the color purple - I don't know why, and Pedro and I are pretty convinced that the way to my heart is through coffee!
I've met so many unique, amazing people through this journey and I look forward to hearing all about you as well! 

Pedro Correa

Photography to me is my journal of exploring life, exploring the world. I learn from it and about it every day. It is a lifestyle where I can communicate through my images. I love to evoke emotions and thoughts through my images.
I love portraying people in their journey through who they are, who they want to be, and who I see them to be.
Some of my favorite images are of couples on their wedding day.
There is so much power, so much emotion going on that day, It’s captivating and unforgettable some of the moments I witness [photographing such special days]. The vulnerability towards one another, is supported by such trust in one another that the it takes such form that will turns into an unbreakable bond. Those images become statements that even the couple themselves might not be aware they have such bond within them. Some of us look for that feeling in romance books and movies. I am one of the lucky few that can witness such love live and being the one to capture those moments with my photography, it is a priceless feeling, I am my happiest seeing our couples commit to one another right before my eyes.

you could ask me what my absolute favorite subject to photograph is, Weddings? Boudoir? Landscape? Portraiture? Commercial? Fashion?
 I am afraid I would not be able to give you a straight answer; each category is so unique and all of them have such unique moments and events to them.
my camera viewfinder is a blank canvas and the world is as limited as only my creativity and imagination allows, the possibilities, the moments, what images I can share [ . . . ]
To me photography is everything, it allows me to express without words and give someone something complete, the spark of a memory of a moment in time they cherish, a moment they know it is coming down the road in their lives, a boost in confidence.  





Boston • California • Worldwide